So my new front light arrived today (9th Jan) after placing the order with Tredz on the 2nd. No ideas why Tredz takes so long to process orders but can only surmise they don’t hold much on the shelves and order items in and then post out!? Anyhow its here now!

From my first impression I can only say “well thats smaller than expected”, the light is 108mm in length and weighs 129g which is not bad. The light modes seem ample enough whilst turning my office into a rave with the strobe mode on the light. I have only had the chance to have a quick play here and will compare the light to my normal Lezyne Hecto Drive 350XL, Hecto Drive 300XL and a cheap Cree light I purchased of eBay.

Currently, the only thing that bugs me and I haven’t used it yet is the charge port, as it is not sealed to the lights body and you can see the inner workings of the light. There is a rubber plug/cover for the charge port and Blackburn state the light is IP67 rated, so only time and use will tell if this will stop water ingress over the Britsh winter.