Over the coming weeks and months, I will be posting the workouts that I do to help me build up my core and upper body strength.

I am not looking to bulk myself out as per a body builder, but I want to get my core / upper body strength where it helps me stop getting fatigue on longer endurance rides.

  • Cross trainer 1.2 miles 7 minutes


  • Lat pull downs 8×3 90kg
  • Push ups 6×3
  • Leg press 80kg 5×5 plus one extra as I only did 3 the first time around
  • Curl to press extension 7.5kg 5×2

Okay I will say this now I am not a runner I don’t run, when I run it feels like I am about to trip over my lanky legs. I also hate treadmills.

  • Treadmill 0.3 miles – OUCH legs definitely don’t like running calves are on fire and feel like they are ripping apart. How can anyone do 1mile let alone a marathon!?

Cool Down

  • Cross trainer 1.43 miles 7 minutes